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Using GitHub for Academic Research

GitHub has become the go-to tool for software engineers across the world to keep their codes together and collaborate with each other. Being easy, seamless, and available on all the platforms makes it a brilliant choice indeed.

How strong is a neutron star's magnetic field?

Estimating the strength of the magnetic field of a neutron star in a binary star system ‘Cen X-3’

Mendeley Reference Manager

Being involved in research means dealing with a lot of papers on a day to day basis. Be it reading them, organizing them, or referencing them we often face a perilous task. A collection of scores of pdf documents scattered...

Using machine learning to infer Solar coronal heating

This article traces the origins of the coronal heating problem, and describes in vivid detail our efforts in resolving this through machine learning. This is a non-technical article based on our paper, but references have been appended for the interested...