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Bar Buckling and Boxy/Peanut Bulges as the Tracer of Dark Matter Halo Shape

Galaxies reside in the deep potential of invisible matter called dark matter. Their dynamics is significantly affected by the distribution of dark matter around them. Distribution of dark matter around galaxies is usually known as dark matter halo. Most of...

Using GitHub for Academic Research

GitHub has become the go-to tool for software engineers across the world to keep their codes together and collaborate with each other. Being easy, seamless, and available on all the platforms makes it a brilliant choice indeed.

How strong is a neutron star's magnetic field?

Estimating the strength of the magnetic field of a neutron star in a binary star system ‘Cen X-3’

Deciphering The Mysteries of The Quiet Sun Explosions

XSM onboard Chandrayaan 2 observed the Sun during its minimum activity period in 2019-2020. Using this data, the researchers have for the first time detected a very large number of small scale explosions, called microflares, happening on the Sun. The...

Measuring the age of the Universe: An overview

A popular article exploring how the age of the Universe was calculated.

Futuristic gravitational wave observations to resolve dichotomy of compact objects

Gravitational waves are invisible ripples in space travel at the speed of light. It is generated in different scenarios, such as when two celestial bodies orbit around each other, an isolated body with tri-axial symmetry spins, inhomogeneity in matter distribution...