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A list of scholarships for women in Science

A significant fraction of the advances in science and technology arises due to seminal contributions by women - all the while tackling a series of battles against social norms and skewed opportunities. Even today, there exists a lack of representation of women in higher education, scientific research and industry. For instance, women make up almost 43% of STEM (i.e. Science Technology Engineering and Medicine) graduates in the country, but just 14% scientists and engineers in universities/institutions. A “leaky STEM pipeline” is formed as only 3-6% of women enroll for a PhD in STEM. Even though many injustices exist as hurdles to women empowerment, various governments and organizations have come forward in combating these issues.

One of the most effective ways to empower women is through education. An educated woman has the capability, knowledge and independence to take up various avenues in life independently - especially in STEM. Education starts not just at a very specialized stage, but right from primary school – where children are instilled with the dreams of exploring the edge of the universe to breaking open the smallest of particles. Poverty, the unfortunate condition that plagues a large part of our country is especially detrimental to the education of girls.

Hence, in this article, we present our humble attempt at compiling a set of scholarships which are aimed at covering the education costs of girls. We have presented the scholarship data in three groups - school education, undergraduate studies, and post graduation. For each group we have presented the eligibility criteria and the scholarship amount in multiple columns, while we have linked the homepage of each scholarship for more information.

We do not claim this to be an exhaustive list - in fact, this will be a “living” document which shall get updated as and when we get more information. If you, the reader, think we have missed an important scholarship scheme, please give us a shout out through the comments section below, or by contacting us directly through the form.

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